Kaitlin Duck Sherwood

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Position Desired

My ideal job description is "go do great things" for an organization which is doing things which will help lots of people. I am a generalist capable of doing a good job on a wide range of things.


4/14-2/18: QA Manager, Maintenance Lead, and Senior Developer, Awesense

I had a dizzying array of roles, doing whatever needed to be done to advance a startup making hardware and software to help electric utilities find losses in their power distribution grid. Currently lead QA and SW Maintenance groups. I have also been:

11/12-4/14: Self-employed

9/12-11/12: Campaign Volunteer, Obama For Wisconsin

7/11-08/12: Tasktop Technologies

3/10-7/11: Atimi Software

8/08-3/10: Self-employed

9/05-8/08: MSc Student in Computer Science, University of British Columbia

Course projects and extra-curricular projects included:

5/06-8/06: Summer intern, Google

1/05-6/05: Non-degree student, Stanford University

1/04-1/05: Community Organizer, Open Source Applications Foundation

2/03-1/04: Senior Product Designer, Open Source Applications Foundation

12/98-2/03: Book Author, Publisher, and Trainer

6/98-12/98: Domestic Organization Lead

7/96-6/98: Smalltalk Programmer, Interval Research Corporation

Note: Interval spun out this home media integration project into a separate company, Avio Digital, which was then purchased by Centillium. Project included proprietary home media network, a "tablet" controller/Internet appliance, and a digital media storage device.

1/96-6/96: Web Development Contractor

8/94 - 12/95: (First) Webmaster, Computing and Communications Services Office, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

Summer 1995

3/94-about 1996: Internet Services Developer (hobby)

6/94-8/94: Enterprise Integration Technologies (bought by Veriphone), Menlo Park, CA

1/94 - 5/94: Graduate Student, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

4/90 - 12/93: Consultant ( Sun, Data General, AMD, Apple, Silicon Graphics, Amdahl, Unisys, Cray, Nexgen)

2/88-3/90: Arix Corporation, San Jose, CA

Promoted up through four jobs in two years:

2/87- 1/88: Quad Design Technology, Inc. Camarillo, CA

Co-founder of startup which merged profitably with Viewlogic in 1993.

10/85-2/87: Vitesse Electronics Corp, Camarillo, CA

Joined before company's two-year anniversary.

7/84-7/85: Intel Corporation, Aloha, OR

Summer 1983: Technical University of Delft, Netherlands

Summer 1982: University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

Summer 1981: IBM San Jose Research Laboratory, San Jose, CA

Summer 1980: NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA


Theatrical/Performance Works

U.S. Citizen, Canadian Citizen